You are to develop a comprehensive case management discharge plan for a terminal

You are to develop a comprehensive case management discharge plan for a terminally ill client.
Your paper should be 5 – 7 pages in APA format. Use Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, one inch margins. Your cover page and reference sheet are not included in the page count. Abstract is not required.
Write a plan for a woman who is 32 y/o dying of ovarian cancer
Use Headings for each component; it will work best for each of these to be level two headings-see APA guidelines)
Be certain to address the following components:
Disposition Site: Describe where the patient will receive post hospital services? Rehab unit? Long term care? Hospice home services? with a clear rationale.
Care Reimbursement: Identify how care will be paid for? How to connect patient/ family to reimbursers?
Resources: Describe what resources are needed to safely manage patient’s care post discharge? Where will they be obtained? Who will pay?
Personnel and Services: Discuss all personnel and services who will be involved in the plan and their roles as well as their time-frames of involvement. Explain clearly how each member of the team will document the plan of care.
24 hour Schedule needs/ services: Create a one day 24/7 hourly plan including all services, treatments, caregivers.
The assigment should contain:
Describes specific disposition site and includes 3 or more of the following: provides a clear rationale for the choice of site; identifies whether if it is currently available; and the necessary steps to secure it
2. Clearly describes with 3 or more details how services will be paid for as well as any issues regarding reimbursement; and anticipated issues that may arise
3. Identifies at least five resources needed and who//how to access
4. Clearly explains
each team member, their roles (at least three), time frames and documentation
5.Describes well- developed plan for 24 hours specifying 4 or more client needs, who will provide, how , where

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