History of Asia Assignment

The history of Asia can be seen as the collective history of central Asia as well as its peripheral coastal regions, including East Asia, South Asia, and Middle East due to its connection with mainland Asia via the Eurasian steppe. Asian history examines Asia’s unique cultural, political, and socio-economic development throughout time and the continent’s contributions in matters of global affairs. The field also provides a broad overview of key moments and trends throughout various countries within the Asian continent, with a primary focus on China, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia.
Asian history focuses in particular how the populace and its myriad interrelated socio-cultural affirmations were reshaped and altered in the wake of nationalism, modernization, and imperial practices. The field aims to provide historians and others with a solid foundation upon which to consider the evolution of Asian politics and religion, its various cultural identities, ideologies of imperialism, and concepts of state and society in pre-colonial times all the way to the modern area.
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