1. Please read the Masters Degree Dissertation – Student Study Guide. It would b

1. Please read the Masters Degree Dissertation – Student Study Guide. It would be best not to start writing anything before reading the guide.
2. I have attached the proposal of the topic for you. Everything written on the dissertation is based on the attached proposal. Please also read the comment from the supervisor on the last few pages. You are not supposed to do anything beyond the supervisor’s viewpoint.
3. Follow the requested format strictly, It also says The Structure in the student guide.
4. You must submit the work for a single chapter to me for review before moving to another one. Because I need to communicate with the supervisor whether I am on the right track of the road or not.
5. You need to show me how you set up the research questionnaires and how you going to collect the data (VERY CRITICAL!) Please send me the research questionaries first so I can consult with the supervisor and get his approval before doing anything. Dont do anything if you dunt have my approval to go to the next step. This is a Master level, anything tricky is unacceptable. I mentioned to the supervisor I would gain the data from 500 to 1000 respondents but you can trim it down a little bit if the set numbers are too high.
6. You need to include some charts, graphs and tables for this dissertation which I have paid for them.
7. At least 15000 (+ words) excluding Abstract, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Reference
list and Appendices etc…
8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1z3zNVDQKTofI0E_ZCTwWOkgDf-cEt8Vg?usp=sharing
I have included some other people’s dissertations for your reference. Surely, they are different topics.
9. Keep everything as a record. There is less likely the supervisor would ask me to show him how exactly I do the work though. But I think there is still a 1% chance I would be asked to do it.

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