Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The guidelines below represent the security laws regarding information which can be obtained during your visit on our website. The statement is very important because it guarantees the secrecy of the information collected and that no other person accesses the information. The collected information is then kept for company use only and to improve the quality of services the company offers to its clients. The data is only utilized for uplifting the standard of quality and content of the pages posted in the website and the services which are offered to the clients. Thus, the information given by the customer cannot be exchanged for monetary purposes.

Collected Information

The organization’s website just like another business-oriented company website engages in automatic capturing of data from the clients. Some contents which are captured from the clients include an operating system, the time when the accesses the company website, browser type and also IP address. Occasionally, the company makes customizes cookies based on the criteria of accessing the website.

Cookies refer to the files that identify individual machines accessing the company’s website server especially the computer used by the client to access the website. Through the use of cookies, the company will be in the position to know, gauge and evaluate the clients visiting the website. Information collected here include areas of the site, amount of time spent on the website. However, the customer does not allow cookies on his or her computer it means that the website cannot be able to collect some personal information.

Utilization of Optimal Information

The company may require the client to provide some personal information such as addresses of their emails, their names, which facilitate the provision of the services to them. However, such information is not used for other purposes but only utilized in responding to the clients’ needs.

Consumer Data Privacy

The merchant will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Visa/MasterCard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.

Future Development

The data collected data can also be used by the company for future development and improvement of the services offered to the customers. When there is a change of policy use in our company, clients will be notified through the company website.


The company is committed to securing clients from such acts as misuse, loss and also identity theft.

Links Disclaimer offers links to state, agencies to the federal government, local agencies and other institutions. When the client links a different website to www.wordpress.local, it means that the clients understand and is subject to the terms and conditions and the website privacy.

Prohibition of Disclosures

Utilizing data got from the employees and employers regarding this article ought to be for commissioner while undertaking his or her roles. Such information shall not be used for public purposes, unless the commissioner has an interest in such party but will be executed according to law.

Whether Our Privacy Policy will Change in Future

Our privacy policy might be changed in future based on the required quality of the services to be offered to clients. Furthermore, with new technologies, the Privacy Page automatically becomes updated but the users are notified of such changes via the website.