How much should I pay someone to write my essay?

A professionally written essay should cost you between $10 and $30 a page, which is the average price charged by most professional writing websites and professional writers.

The deadline, academic level, subject, quantity of words per page, and additional expenses such as plagiarism report, PDF sources, smart paper services, essay produced by top 10 writers, or when your essay is to be done by a desired writer are all elements that influence the price.

Consider the assistance you receive from essay writing services to be an investment. After all, a college diploma opens the door to better jobs, promotions, and career advancement in a variety of ways.

Student life can be challenging, but when someone else handles your essays, you’ll have more time to enjoy college and create memories.

Let’s get to the bottom of your question about how much it costs to have someone write an essay for you.

Factors that influence the price of an essay or research paper

When you choose a custom writing company to provide professional writing services, a slew of elements come into play when determining the price of the essay, papers, or services you obtain. You must consider these factors while placing a purchase in order to negotiate a discount with the support staff.

Note: Some unscrupulous writing websites contain hidden fees that are designed to frustrate you and defraud you of your hard-earned money. We’ve already gone over several buying essay tips, so we won’t go over them again. So, for the time being, let’s look at the aspects that influence the price of essays.

The pricing are determined by the following parameters:

1. The essay/urgency/deadline paper’s

When you place an order for an essay, term paper, research paper, or other academic writing work on a custom writing website, one of the primary characteristics considered to determine the price of your essay, term paper, research paper, or other academic writing task is urgency.

It is conceivable to have papers with multiple deadlines running concurrently because all of the papers are supplied in distinct time frames. So, for example, a writer may have five orders with various deadlines but cannot accept orders with the same deadline.

Extremely urgent essays are due in two, three, four, five, six, eight, or twelve hours. These urgent essays, like urgent assignments or research papers, are more expensive.

They are more expensive since a writer will put everything else on hold to fulfill your request. Even specialists feel the pressure when they have a short time to produce a paper, which is why you should expect to spend more if you need urgent essay writing services.

Despite the fact that short-duration essays are prone to flaws and typos, we can assure you that our custom writers are so skilled that they will immediately correct any errors.

The cost of essays due in a day, two days, three days, four days, or a week is low. Furthermore, because these essays are not difficult, the writers will have plenty of time to complete them – they will be able to organize, study, and write without feeling rushed.

If you suspect that you will require assistance, put your order as soon as possible to ensure that you will receive reasonable costs, unhurried labor, and high-quality articles. This isn’t to suggest that urgent essays aren’t good; it all depends on where you buy them and who writes them for you. AceAssignment is secure in any case, owing to our experienced authors.

2. Your Academic Standing

When pricing an essay or paper on a writing website, the academic level of study is crucial. Different academic levels should, in theory, define a student’s academic achievement.

Orders for high school are less expensive than orders for PhD level papers. But, once again, the explanation is straightforward: the academic level assists us in assigning orders to qualified writers who will compose an essay appropriate for your level.

PhD and Master’s students, for example, publish PhD-level scholarly articles. Master’s writers, on the other hand, compose undergraduate 3-4 and Master’s level papers.

Writers with merely a bachelor’s degree compose either undergraduate 1-2 or high school level writings. We’ve set up the system in such a way that we can attain high levels of quality in all we do.

The assignments become more challenging, laborious, and time-consuming as you go through the academic levels. This means that papers will be more expensive at the high school, undergraduate, master’s, and PhD levels, in that order.

Because they have so many other things to do, PhD writers always expect more. Furthermore, such papers, like master’s level papers, necessitate in-depth investigation, critical analysis, and the filtering of a large amount of data.

3. The paper’s spacing

When typing academic essays and research papers, there are two forms of spacing: single-spacing and double-spacing.

A full single-spaced essay should be 550 words, whereas a regular full double-spaced paper should be 275 words. Thus, a double-spaced document is charged at regular pricing, whereas a single-spaced paper costs twice as much as a double-spaced one.

4. The level of difficulty of your paper

When you’re ordering a paper on an extremely difficult topic or subject, such as accounting, finance, engineering, architecture, statistics, Biology, or Geography, you’ll come across this situation.

Technical topics, such as humanities, social sciences, English and literature, tourism, business and management, and creative writing, are more expensive than non-technical subjects.

Data analysis, maths, calculations, and in-depth review are all required abilities in technical topics.

As a result, the difficulty of your work is a major factor in how much you pay for your essay.

5. Type of work

Editing, writing from scratch, paraphrasing, plagiarism elimination, formatting merely, or proofreading are all types of labor. If you want a writer to research, prepare, and create your essay depending on your requirements, writing from scratch is a terrific option. When your paper is created from scratch, it generally costs more than when you need editing, formatting, proofreading, or paraphrasing.

Checking and fixing grammar, syntax, and stylistic faults are all part of the editing process. Finally, formatting comprises ensuring that the format, including references and citations, is correct.

When compared to writing from scratch, which requires planning, outlining, and research before writing, these services take a fraction of the time.

Why do certain websites provide pre-written essays for purchase?

We are adamantly opposed to pre-written essays because we have every reason to believe that they are not likely to be adapted to your specific requirements. Furthermore, you are most likely not the only one who has purchased and recycled the essay.

Purchasing pre-written essays contrasts you against other students who purchased them, as opposed to having a custom-written essay that puts you ahead of the pack in the entire class.

There are numerous arguments against purchasing pre-written essays, which we have discussed in previous posts. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on why some websites sell them.

Some sites sell pre-written essays for the following reasons:

1. To continue earning money from an old essay. We see it as both a breach of confidentiality and a case of greed. According to AceAssignment policy, once a paper is prepared for you, it becomes your sole property. Websites that sell pre-written essays, on the other hand, will resell the work in order to make a consistent profit, which is impossible.

2. To suffocate the inventiveness of various students. Imagine if ten of you each bought an essay and wrote it with the same scope, strategy, and most likely the same phrases and essay terms. That in and of itself will give your professor or instructor a bad vibe. Purchasing pre-written essays rather than custom-written essays stifles innovation. You can’t ask a writer for clarification, and most of them are paraphrased stuff from the internet.

3. To sabotage your future. Bought essays are frequently plagiarized; if you submit them for grading by mistake, you will almost certainly face plagiarism charges.

There are additional causes, but for the time being, we can only focus on these three major ones. First and foremost, we are simply stating that working with an essay writing company with authors that compose your essay from start is preferable to working with those who sell pre-written papers.

Why should you avoid buying low-cost essays?

Cheap is expensive, as the cliche goes. It’s best if stuff sinks as quickly as possible. Essay writers are experts, and essay writing websites operate in the same way as other businesses. Bills must be paid, salaries must be paid, and operating costs must be met. As a result, there is no website where you can buy an essay for $1-8 per page.

It’s bait if you find such low costs on a website. There could be hidden fees, or you could be in for a harsh awakening. Run!

Apart from jeopardizing your grades, or maybe jeopardizing your health if school has not been inviting to you or you’ve been too busy to submit assignments, these cheap essay websites might cause stress, loss pain, or migraines.

In many cases, we’ve seen that scammers drop the price to entice you into giving up your personal information. Cheap from a reputable academic website is preferable than cheap from a shady website, a person on Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, or Instagram. In comparison to individuals or rogue businesses, you may hold an academic website accountable.

According to our latest online research and poll, any website or writing firm that offers to write your essay for less than $10 is risky and nefarious, considering the industry dynamics.

You’ll have given out much too much personal information by the time you know it, including names, billing addresses, account numbers, credit card numbers, and other important credentials. We can’t promise that your protection will be their top priority, given the growth in identity theft. Furthermore, be aware that certain low-cost essay websites conceal illegal and unethical businesses. As a result, you must proceed with caution.

AceAssignment, a reputable essay writing service, prioritizes your protection and safety as a client. It’s why we’ve invested in systems and don’t sell your written papers to third parties, nor do we use the questions you offer for marketing purposes.

What are the best places to get essays?

Have you been looking for a website to buy essays from? You’ve even searched buying essays reddit?

If you need to buy an essay, we recommend that you do so from a custom writing service. Because we are a reliable custom essay company, you can choose as your favorite site to buy essays.

Despite the fact that there are several online reviews for essay writing services, you should not be misled by them. We’ve heard of websites that buy reviews, resulting in the majority of them being fraudulent. Furthermore, some websites that review services are operated by the same people who write the reviews.

If you want to learn more about a firm, the easiest thing to do is contact customer chat support. Understand your insurance coverage, what could go wrong, and what to do if it does.

When you buy from a respectable company that delivers, you can be assured that your essay will be original, produced from scratch, and yours alone. Furthermore, a trustworthy company will establish a reasonable deadline for your purchase and advise you on the amount of time it will take to accomplish it realistically.

A reliable organization will also allow you to communicate directly with your writer to follow up on your order. You can request drafts, talk about the next steps, and come to an agreement with your writer on a topic.

You should be able to rank and review your writer if you work with a reliable company. So far, AceAssignment has all of these characteristics, making us a top-rated essay writing service that can assist you in acing your essay.

What factors influence a student’s decision to purchase essays online?

Students buy essays online for a variety of reasons.

1. You have a family, a career, and responsibilities to attend to. Are you a military man or woman attempting to return to school but finding it difficult to juggle employment, life, and studies? Are you a wife who can’t seem to strike a balance between running errands for the family and writing an essay? These are ideal circumstances for folks to choose to buy essays produced from scratch for them based on class directions.

2. You simply require assistance. When you’ve exhausted yourself with writing, all you need is some time to unwind. You won’t be able to achieve that if you have a backlog of essays and other writing assignments to complete. When you outsource tasks to a trustworthy writing firm, you are connected to a professional writer who takes over your work.

3. You can’t get any better at writing. If you’ve been receiving terrible scores and would like to improve them in order to avoid retakes, hiring an essay writer can assist. When used as examples, professional essay writers generate standard essays that can help you enhance your writing and research skills. If you’re bad at writing essays, you can buy them and have them written by pros.

4. You require mental tranquility. “I despise writing essays!” and “essays stress me!” are two popular phrases we hear from visitors to our website. We can, however, make that essay disappear by writing it from scratch for you.

5. You want to have a good time. Essays have a tendency of getting in the way of having fun in college. When you hire a dependable essay writer, on the other hand, you can play, party, and move around as you like while your papers are being handled.

6. You’re looking for samples. Learning is made easier with the use of samples. You can pay someone to produce an example essay, essay outline, or essay strategy for you if you need one.

Whatever your motives are, AceAssignment can help you hire and pay someone to write your essay. And, hey, paying someone to write your essay isn’t illegal, so go ahead and do it now!


Now that everything is apparent, you understand that purchasing essays does not imply that you will receive a paper that has already been produced. It indicates you’re having an essay produced from scratch for you. The product is a personalised or personalized essay in this case.

There are a variety of reasons why people buy essays, including a lack of time, enthusiasm, or expertise. Consider the case of a mother with duties. Some circumstances arise, or a parent with more responsibilities and classes to attend. Essays, unfortunately, can drag you down.

Working with a professional saves your life in so many ways because writing essays, let alone other duties, may be exhausting. However, when you’re buying essays online, keep an eye out for the cheap essay baits we have available.

Instead, engage with respectable, trustworthy, and legitimate writing firms. Did we mention that our service is used by professors, legislators, high-end moderators, and professionals? They do, though, since we are meticulous and employ intelligent writers. So, use our website to hire your next essay writer.