TOPIC SELECTION: SOFTWARE ATTACKS * this will be a wiki page Introduction Every

TOPIC SELECTION: SOFTWARE ATTACKS * this will be a wiki page
Every day we learn about cyber attacks disturbing businesses and organizations worldwide. Learning about different types of threats and associated attacks is the first step to defend against them.
Activity Instructions
Step 1 – Search Recent Attacks
Search the Web for recent attacks related to the threat category you selected, and which happened in the last 12 months.
Write a summary of the recent attack between one-half to one-page in length. In the summary, provide the details of the case, e.g., why you consider this attack falls into chosen category, what type of information, data, or system was impacted and in which manner, how the attack was performed exploiting which vulnerability, etc. Present available information on the mitigation actions taken after the security incident as well.
Each student should write on a different type of attack based on the selection made in Activity 2.1a.
Step 2 – Create Wiki Page
Scroll down and click on the Edit tab.
Enter your page title (the title of the article you selected for this assignment).
Use double brackets on each side of the page title.
Example: [[Equifax Breach]]
Click Save.
Click on your new page title.
Click Create page.
Step 3 – Include on Your Page
Your name
The URL(s) of the web pages or article(s) you used as reference
Your summary (approximately 300 to 400 words)
A link back to the Wiki Home page, i.e., [[Homepage]]
Tips for Success
Be authentic and avoid plagiarism. Check for previous threat category selection and posts by your peers. Do not post on the same category. Do not post on the same category.
For guidance on how to use a Moodle wiki, review this guide: Moodle: Using Wiki.

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