The Seven Army Values

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The Seven Army Values is the foundation of the United States Army. The Values are what soldiers are based on, when building soldiers in Basic Training. There is not a single soldier in the military who doesn’t know the Army Values. Losing sight of the Army Values as a soldier means to lose your military bearing. Army Values are one of the most important parts of a soldier’s life. There will always significant difference between soldiers who follow the values and the ones who don’t.
The Army Values have been around molding soldiers since the beginning of the Army’s time. To the Army, the values carry a huge meaning to every soldier to wear the uniform. One of the first things soldiers learn in the Army is how important the values are to them. When the Army takes civilians, and sends them to basic the values are what molds them. The Army has many lessons to teach soldiers, but learning the values always take priority. No matter how far a soldier moves up in rank, they will always have the fundamentals of the Values. The Army has taken many different approaches to ensure soldiers don’t lose their core values. As long as the core values stay apart of the Army’s lifestyle, they will breed good soldiers.
The Army decided to come up with an acronym to help soldiers remember the core values. The acronym is “LDRSHIP”, which sounds a lot like leadership just so it’s easier for soldiers to remember. LDRSHIP stands for LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOR, INTEGRITY, and PERSONAL COURAGE. That is the seven Army Values that mean so much to the military’s population. LDRSHIP alone has reformed many regular civilians into the freedom fighting soldiers that serve the today. The Army has changed a lot in the past few years, but they still teach the core values. The Values formed soldiers that has won countless wars and will continue so the army can continue to win more. Old Army or New Army, at any point in time the core values will always be apart of the origination.
Each one of the core values has a very important meaning of it own. LOYALTY, bearing true faith to the military and your country regardless of any situation. DUTY, to accomplish a job no matter how difficult the task. RESPECT, goes back to a very basic rule, treat others how you want to be treated. SELFLESS SERVICE, to not be selfish and put the need others and your nation first. HONOR, follow all of the Army’s Values and honor them. INTEGRITY, doing the right thing, even when no one is watching the actions you take. PERSONAL COURAGE, being able to face fear, being able to deal with adversity moral or physical. These seven words alone has helped shape multiple generations of Army soldiers. That is why the Army still chooses to you the Seven Army Values to this day.
Teaching the Army Values is still one task the Army takes very seriously. Back in 2005 the Army launched the Army Values Campaign. This campaign is still used in today’s Army and is still very effective. In any Army building standing, you will find posters or handouts with the Army Values. The Army Values Campaign’s goal was to put out videos, posters, and slide shows teaching the Army Values. The Army did this to emphasize how important they are to the Army and Civilians. That’s how important the Army Values are, when a soldier goes to work, they are reminded of the values.
The Army Values went through a lot of changes from 1968 to 1998, changing words and definitions. In that time frame the Army had countless articles on the topic of the Army Values. The Army was simply evolving, and the Values was changing right along with the it. By the end of 1998, the Army Values became as the Army knows them today. Duty and Selfless Service are some of the oldest Army Values, shaping soldiers over 200 years. The Army Values has a lot of history behind it, and will continue move forward with the Army.
The Seven Army Values has been around longer then anyone serving in the Army today. They have and will always continue to be the foundation of the Army soldiers. Without the Army Values the soldiers today would not be that same. The Army would not be as affective as it has been in the past years with the Army values. LDRSHIP, the seven words that help create one of the strongest branches in the military.

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