Freedom of Speech and Democracy

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No democracy can survive without freedom of speech and fair press. Mass media is essential in democracies where governmental institutions such as newspapers and other dispensers of public information exist. The media tries to convert people to view and understand an issue the way they want you to interpret the information from the most popular bias outlets, from each side. In this sense, they play an active role in controlling the news agenda by attempting to minimize media strategy, and monitoring and countering Opposition statements.
The question is in today’s society is the media biased more toward liberal values or conservative values? With this being said, I believe that it has been more comfortable for the media to get away with setting the tone to openly discuss what we love about our government and, most importantly, what we do not like about our government.
Unfortunately, neither liberals nor conservatives are convinced that the press isn’t bias to one group. Allegations of controversy about the nature of bias in the media will always be a debate. We can see this basic setup more often than not these media outlets lean more to one side of the political spectrum. However, the truth is that mass media is primarily cultural, and rarely economic interests of either liberals or cultural conservatives.
Writers opposing the press reports may be personally liberal, they are usually professionally neutral. With that being said, information that is aimed at supporting liberal policies through media as the principal instrument of ruling class domination in a liberal democracy. While conservatives argue as professionals; they report what they observe without letting their perspectives affect their judgment.
Conservatives believe mass media, mostly news programs alter news to favor the liberal position on various issues. While the same time, liberals think that conservative media is full of one-sidedness and trying to divide the public by invoking fear among them.

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