Setting client expectations, identifying client responsibility, and clarificatio

Setting client expectations, identifying client responsibility, and clarification of your role as a social worker are important skills to ensure ethical engagement and adherence to the values of the social work profession. These skills are also necessary in the process of building rapport and setting boundaries as a foundation for addressing complicated issues. Make sure you are able to apply these skills effectively at the beginning of a session as you prepare for your synchronous session.
For your post to this discussion, keeping in mind the concepts outlined above, provide a response to both of the following:
Describe the importance of using challenging and confrontation as social work skills.
Apply the skills of challenging and confrontation by describing how you would integrate these in a session to uncover underlying feelings or to interrupt a problematic response or behavior, all the while maintaining empathy and unconditional positive regard.
Be aware and assess both the social worker’s and client’s use of affective and empathetic words and phrases. Note that you will need to utilize information from all assigned chapters to complete this discussion and to prepare for the synchronous sessions. You are encouraged to take notes on the concepts in each chapter because you will have to demonstrate integration and proficiency with all covered concepts in the synchronous session.

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