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Select a subject, grade level, and lesson standard(s), relevant to your teaching

    Select a subject, grade level, and lesson standard(s), relevant to your teaching situation and which you have taught or will teach. Reflect on how you will measure student ability to demonstrate the learning objectives of the lesson related to the standards.
    Develop either a diagnostic or formative 10-item assessment. The assessment should have five select-response (multiple-choice) questions, four open-ended response (short-answer or verbal response), and one performance-assessment/performance-based (presentation, skit, class debate) item.
    Research how to frame questions stems around Bloom’s Taxonomy. Include one Bloom’s Taxonomy verb per test item.
    Formulate a 4-page paper beginning with one or two introductory paragraphs describing the profile of your selected school setting. This descriiption should include the school level, school size, type of school (e.g., urban, rural, virtual, etc.), target grade level for this assignment, sample size for this assignment, quantified demographics of diverse learners (e.g., bilingual, students of color, male, female, special ed., etc.), subject, lesson standard(s), and any other relevant information.
    A chart has been attached, however, I will fill out the chart based on the information you provide. THANK YOU!
    Produce and include a correct answer key for each of the 10 items in the assessment. Provide a potential correct response for the open-ended question and performance-based item. Describe (and/or provide an image) of what should be done for the performance-based item and any materials that may be needed; provide the rubric used to assess the performance activity.
    Reflect on each item below in a paragraph.
    Describe any trends and any correlations between test difficulty and percentage of students scoring correctly. Explain any demographic trends.
    Compare the number of incorrect answers from the highest scorers on the test to the lowest scorers on the test. Elaborate on incorrect item responses.
    Discuss what you learned and what to avoid when creating effective multiple-choice test questions. Evaluate the test for item difficulty and revision. Predict any lesson content revisions needed to increase assessment scores.
    How does your assessment tool fit into a balanced assessment system?

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