Read chapters 6 and 7 in the book for more information: Please find an argument

Read chapters 6 and 7 in the book for more information:
Please find an argument on the internet that has a psychology-related claim and provides reason(s)/premises ( a rationale) for that claim. This argument could come from a news story, a YouTube video, or even a posting on a social media site (i.e., the source may be a scholarly source but it does not need to be). The only requirement for the claim is that it be relevant to the field pf psychology.
After finding your source, complete the following steps:
Initial post:
(1) Describe the source in detail so that others can have access to the argument (provide URL for the source or other source information such that other may access it)
(2) Clearly state the psychology-related claim of the argument
(3) Clearly state the reason(s) cited by the source in support of the claim: list and number the reasons.
(4) Define and apply the four tests for evaluating arguments into the paper
Truthfulness of the premises
Logical strength
Clearly utilize evidence from your source in applying each test
Please define each test prior to applying it. Please also underline and bold the name of each test when defining each test for example. “The first test applied to assess the credibility of the claim was the test of The truthfulness of premises which involves….”
(5) Reach a conclusion on the argument based on your test applications – provide your rationale for your conclusion in a minimum of 3 sentences.

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