Depressive, Mood, And Somatic Disorders Part one: (Keep separate from the part t

Depressive, Mood, And Somatic Disorders
Part one: (Keep separate from the part two)
Question & Answers: (using APA 7 format for the answers 150 words)
1. Compare the symptoms and treatments of unipolar depression and bipolar depression. Why could non medication treatments be more effective for unipolar depression than bipolar depression?
2. How are conversion and other somatic disorders diagnosed and what treatments are recommended for these disorders?
After reviewing the topic assigned chapters and the electronic resources in your study Topic Resources, choose between bipolar, major depression, or a somatic disorder. Create a newsletter or brochure that is between 750–1,200 words, either through, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint, to address the following:
1. Describe the chosen disorder and the assigned code from the current DSM.
2. Which psychological model best fits this disorder (i.e., biological, cognitive)?
3. Discuss the etiology of this disorder and the common symptoms, including the manifestation of the symptoms.
4. Identify the different forms of treatment and therapy commonly prescribed for this disorder. Discuss the efficacy while considering a multicultural worldview.
5. Examine the values and belief systems about behavioral health disorders across cultures. How would the various stigmas or beliefs affect treatment options?
6. List national and local resources where someone can receive support for this disorder.
7. Include a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your assignment.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA7 Style Guide
Resources I’m using:
Abnormal Psychology using Chapters 7 and 9 in Abnormal Psychology.
Comer, R. J., & Comer, J. S. (2021). Abnormal psychology (11th ed.). Worth Publishers/Macmillan Higher Education.
DSM-5 Fact Sheets (
Films Media Group. (2020). Mood stabilizing agents: Psychotropics medications. Films On Demand. Retrieved January 17, 2022, from

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