Importance Of Animal Rights

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People often find the idea of animal rights to be something absurd; however, animal rights are in no such way absurd. In an animal’s case, they can not speak out against any unfair treatment they receive, so in many occasions, humans take advantage of that. In result of their vulnerability, animals are being kept under circumstances that, if compared are unbearable. Even though people who use or have used animals for entertainment purposes could argue that the animals are kept in a safe environment and that shelter is provided for the animals, the animals still receive mistreatment in other situations. Animals should not be used for entertainment purposes because it is cruel and inhumane to do so.
While it is accustomed that when a person takes ownership something, they treat it however they please, without taking into consideration the effects. Animals are constantly mistreated for this reason; a person believes they can poorly mistreat their pets and their will be no consequences. What is not realized is that animals are living creatures that feel just like people. Cass R. Sunstein presents the idea that “there is no good reason to permit the level of suffering that is now being experienced by millions, even billions of living creatures” (401).
Laws that protect animals have long existed, but have consistently been broken or some type of loophole has been found to it. For example, to put it into further perspective, when a person is murdered there are protocols immediately put into place to find the murderer; however, when a animal, such as an elephant, is killed and usually exhibited as a prize, which would be considered trophy hunting, there is no consequence. It is unjust to assume complete control over creatures that may think and feel the same way as the modern person. When talking about animals thinking and feeling the same way humans do, that is referred to situations such as having children, protecting their children, providing for their children.
When attending a circus show, one does not think about under what circumstances the animals live in; Suzanne Labba Cataldi clearly delineates “The freedom of circus animals is severely restricted. They are removed from their native habitats, transported to an alien environment, and kept confined” (112). Animals do not ride bicycles, stand on their heads, or jump through rings of fire voluntarily. The performance of animals depends on how much they are tormented, punished and deprived. Animals do not do these tricks because they want to, but because they are afraid not to.
For example, the uses of animals for sport hunting and entertainment purposes cannot, by definition, be considered necessary. Nevertheless, these activities are protected by laws that supposedly prohibit the infliction of unnecessary suffering on animals.

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