Great Economic Depression

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During the 1930s a great economic depression took place beginning in the United States this time period was called the Great Depression. This depression was the most widespread, deepest and longest event of the 20th century. Social and economic problems during this time were trying to be fixed by President Franklin Delana Roosevelt.
When the Great Depression was in full effect Franklin Delana Roosevelt took office. FDR tried many changes during his time in office in 1932. He passed new legislation called the New Deal to try to help the economy and ease the suffering caused by the hard times, but it ended up being ineffective. The New Deal was successful because it got the government involved in the economy and it helped those in need. Roosevelt also passed legislation and aimed at getting the economy back on track but was ineffective and at times ruled unconstitutional. The National Recovery Administration was designed to create codes for businesses and to help decrease the unemployment rate and to push the economy. A lot of the larger companies abused the NRA for their benefit instead of helping the economy. FDR also constructed the welfare programs such as CWA and CCC to help put people to work on a temporary project funded by the government. This was to help decrease unemployment and give people a source of income. Even though they did employ millions of men, it did not do enough to make a major impact on the depression.
The best -known legislation is the Social Security Act which confirmed to supplement those who need insurance for when they are laid off or too old to work. This was supposed to help the economy by giving people money to spend but it wasn’t enough to help. The Great Depression was such a huge crisis that the government could not respond on a large enough scale to affect the recovery. These programs were established to aid the economy and were the first major involvement the government had in the economy. Since the government intervened with the Great Depression, the people expected the government to join each time the economy started to suffer. Once the government established their role it would help the economy and try to provide relief.
In conclusion, Franklin D Roosevelt helped get the government started and involved in the process of trying to start their way out of the Great Depression. With this, he started many programs that still exist and help protect the economy to help prevent another depression.

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