Gender Discrimination: Sociological Problem

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According to me, sociological sense of problem is gender discrimination. People are treated differently because they are male or female, rather than on the basis of individual skills or their capabilities. In the past, girls were treated different than the boys. People feel that the boys can only study and get good education and girls are born only to do the house work. For example, not hiring women during an interview because the boss thinks that the women is not capable of doing the job and fit traditionally into the male’s workplace. But now it has changed a lot because women are treated equal. As explained by Durkheim, the sociological sense of problem is rapid social change which causes social strain. “Rapid change creates confusion over norms and thus a breakdown in the common conscience which holds societies together” (pp. 27).
The sociological change for Marx was capitalism. Marx saw human history as nothing more than a constant conflict between different groups for control of the entire society. “Marx felt those in power in modern society, the Capitalist Class, was responsible for all social Ills” (pp.31). This result as a cause of tension between the industrial class and the employed period. According to Weber, the sociological sense of problem was rationalization. He said that “the procedure of justification hurt the human soul and prompted a disappointment of the world”(pp.33).
In the modern era, people are becoming lazier due to the enhancement of new technologies. They want all their work to be done with the help of machines which affects their health. A number of restaurants are opening which leads to extinction of many species. There is also an affect on culture as the people are forgetting their culture especially the youngsters. An increase in social media such as advertisements, internet, it makes the youngsters demand the high quality products. Children does not bother about the cost. They interact and have conversation with each other through various social sites and does not have time for the family. People in the past used to respect their culture and lived happily together but nowadays children does not respect the values and customs of their ancestors. In my point of view, the other cause of sociological problem is unemployment. Even though people are capable and have enough knowledge but still they have difficulty in getting jobs. They wonder to get job. It takes much longer time to get a perfect job by seeing the eligibility of a person who is capable of doing the work efficiently and effectively. Social imagination is an important concept of social perspective as explained by mills in his experiments.
Social imagination has a role in culture. Culture is fundamentally a belief, behaviours, and other characteristics produced within people and the societies from generation to generation to fulfill the needs and requirements of the people. (pp. 4). The death of the culture is not the loss of simply its members but also the individuals, values, norms, traditions, and so on. The major issue of sociological importance are individuals. We all as a member of the society are the major issue of sociological importance. In the modern era, new technologies are becoming available in our day to day life.
Due to advancement in technology, people are more prone to diseases. People simply use the new technologies in each field such as business, household chores, agriculture, and many more. Though it is less time-consuming. As discussed above, unemployment is one of the sociological problem which is a good example of sociological imagination. An individuals who faces unemployment by not getting a job might feel defeated, and discouraged. The person will also blame him or her for not getting a job. He or she may consider themselves that they might have not worked hard or they are not capable of doing the work. Many thoughts might surround their mind or come into their minds.But Mill says that it is not our fault, it is the whole world. He encourages people to stop blaming them alone and instead look at the entire world.
The major issue of sociological importance as we move in the future are poverty, crime, education, and many more. Poverty depends upon a person’s race, gender, occupation, and social status. People who are poor works hard to earn their livings. They can not send their children to the schools instead allows them to work with them. For example, In India, children works as a labor to earn their livings. People who are working longer hours, they are not paid the full wages. They are not even paid overtime. The other issue of the sociological importance is the education.
People who are not educated or are less qualified are not given the jobs. Even though due to the modern era, there are lot of changes in education system but still there are children who are illiterate and work in the factories. Earlier the girls were not sent to the schools as parents thought that they are only born to do the household chores because after getting married they had to go in the in-laws house and their responsibility is to take care of the family members, work as a house wife, and look after their children. This has an adverse effect in future as if they are not given better education, it is difficult for the new generation.
Parents who are illiterate can not teach their children or are unaware about the importance of studies. If not having enough knowledge, the children can not cope with the outside world. Children will hesitate to interact with someone outside because of the lack of confidence. But nowadays, the women are not less than men. There is no work that a women can not do or not allowed to do. They are sent abroad for higher studies and get better jobs. For example, as International students come abroad for higher students and meet people from different nations and having different culture. By having a conversation between each other at different places like workplace, colleges, parties, and one knows each other. This helps to enhance the communication skills and know each others culture.
People of different nations speak different languages, living standards, and different eating habits. It happens that culture is diminishing as children are forgetting their culture and adopts the other culture. It is said that wherever we go, one should not forget his or her mother tongue and respect the values, norms, and traditions of his or her own culture. “The lifelong process of social interaction through which individuals acquire a self identity and the physical, mental, and social skills needed for survival in society” (Socialization I Basics and agents). As groups and socialization, there are four main perspectives such as conflict, functionalist, feminist, and symbolic interactionist. The functionalist states that the laws and rules should be understandable in the society. It focuses on social structure that shape society as a whole.
For example, government provides education to the poor children of the family to make their future is an example of functionalist perspective. “Conflict theory sees societal groups as engaged in a continuous power struggle for control over the society’s productive resources” (pp.10). It views society as a social arena that generates social conflict and a social change. Feminist perspectives focuses on the inequalities that exists among men and women already explained above. “Symbolic interactionist views society as the sum of the interactions of individuals and groups” (pp. 15). It applies on the families that shared activities help to build emotional bonds. Spending a day together, having meals together, and spending a holidays with the family members can help build a good relation within the families and a trust among them. All this is important for an individual and helps understand each other. It helps to distinguish people according to the language, religion, beliefs, and culture. Perspectives helps create understanding which can create a union where there was none. A good understanding can help to forget the past experiences or a fight between the individuals and help them work as a one nation.
As already discussed above, culture is very crucial in day to day life. Children should not forget the values and beliefs of their ancestors and accept these norms since they are followed by the ancestors and also remembers us about the education that taught us to recognise and respect. If we meet a person from the different nation having different culture, one can share their culture and tell the importance of each others culture. This will help a person to know each others culture and he will be more curious about knowing something new about the different culture. For example, marriages. In India, there is a ritual for a girl and boy to go to the Gurudwara and pay obeisance before the god to praise them with the happy life. It is the ritual to cover their heads while praying. Thus, the education system has created a myth that has produced biased and false knowledge, which we carry forth in daily life. Lastly, because this ‘knowledge’ is shared via mass education, it structures, justifies and perpetuates the problematic aspects of Western Culture. All this is crucial in our life as in our day to day life we interact with lots of people having different culture and also having different culture. Interacting with people helps to improve the communication skills. Groups are essential part of the organizations and effectiveness of the groups help to complete the task effectively. Culture helps to understand the ancestral values and also suggests that everything from marriage traditions to the religious beliefs should be valued in each culture.
Present state and future of society. Societies require abundant of necessaries of life of all kind in order to be able to meet all demands. Society does not only cares about the young people but also does the same for the aged people, sick, and disabled. If the youngsters adopt the culture of the ancestors and follow them in the present then the coming generation will also respect the culture of the ancestors. Though it is a modern era, but one should not forget the sacrifices of the great warriors in the past and respect their feelings. In the present, the women are respected and treated equally.
Nowadays, 90% of the women are at higher positions as compared to the men. A girl can marry a person whom she loves and wants to spend her whole life. Because in the past, the girls were not allowed to marry a person according to her choice. It was the decision of the parents to find a match for their daughters and fix a marriage with the person selected. The girl is not allowed to say no and listens whatever their parents say. A lot of changes has come in the modern society. The girl first meets the boy, understands him, and then only she says yes to marry that person. The women is respected equally and given all rights. If the children are taught to respect others and given good education, they will respect others and also the family when in need. If given a good education, it will make the children’s future bright. There is invention of new technologies day by day which is good but it may result as a problem for some people and make them lose job as all the work will be done with the help of machines. This will cause a tension in an individual.
Suggestions to Remedy the Problem
There are suggestions to tackle the problem which are as follows:

There should be no discrimination based on gender, class, and religion among individuals. Everyone should be treated equally. If all this is stopped, then individuals can live as a union.
Education system can help people cope in the world and interact with different cultures and share their culture.
Problem solving skills can help understand the problem and try to solve the problem. For example, classrooms. Suppose a project is given and students are asked to submit and complete the project in groups so it will help to complete the task easily. The students can share new ideas and get good grades.
This will also help to know each others culture and languages.
New technologies will help sustain the relationships. Use less use of the resources.


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