Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions:

Examine each of the articles listed below, and then respond to these questions: What does a review of the literature do? What is its relationship to the predefined problems identified by the researcher?
Read the Greenwood et al. paper. Note how the review of the literature is broken down into two subthemes, “Generations Research” and “Values Research.” Note the first hypothesis that the authors pose (see the “Methodology” section): that there is a difference in terminal values among baby boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. How is this proposed hypothesis supported by the literature? Discuss other examples of hypotheses that are supported by the literature in the other two articles.
Which of these three articles do you think contains the most valid and reliable findings? Defend your choice using specific examples. Your writing assignment in this module will conduct a similar review of the literature on your problem statement. Clearly state the problem you intend to research (writing assignment attached). Find one article that you think you can cite. Post a short summary of the article, and tell how it relates to your problem statement. List one step you will take to increase the validity and reliability of your eventual findings. Articles
Greenwood, R. A., Gibson, J. W., & Murphy, E. F., Jr. (2008). An Investigation of Generational Values in the Workplace: Divergence, Convergence, and Implications for Leadership. International Leadership Journal, 1(1) 57-77.
Netting, F. E., O’Connor, M. K., Thomas, M. L., & Yancey, G. (2005, June). Mixing and Phasing Roles Among Volunteers, Staff, and Participants in Faith-Based Programs. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 34(2) 179-205. Accessible via HeinOnline Law Journal Library.
Note: You will need a library card (free for TESU students) in order to access the NJ State Library Databases and view this article. Be sure to apply early in the semester, as it may take several weeks to receive your card.
Tietje, L., Nufrio, P. M., & Kramer, R. (2008). Symposium on Action Learning: Introduction. Public Administration Quarterly, 32(2) 121-124.

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