This week you will compare and contrast two EPUBS that are designed with a fixed

This week you will compare and contrast two EPUBS that are designed with a fixed layout and with a more fluid, flowable layout. Here are some sample EPUBs, but feel free to search for and examine your own favorites.
In your post, discuss the pros and cons of a fixed layout versus a flowable layout. When do design considerations dictate using one or the other? Analyze the advantages from a designer’s perspective as well as a consumer’s perspective.
This weeks discussion requires you to compare and contrast the two types of EPUBS, Fixed Layouts and Flowable Layouts. I want to make sure that you all understand that it’s important to show your peers through imagery that you understand what the two are. As well, citing your information goes a long way in proving your case. I have listed two links below that will also help, on top of the resources provided within the module, you achieve successful understanding to a great final project. Please contact me if you are having any issues and need understanding or clarification.
You all have the 3-1 Discussion: Fixed and Fluid Layouts that will be due on Thursday evening at 11:59 p.m. your local time. Make sure to be detailed concerning the Critical elements, Comprehension, Timeliness, Engagement, and Writing.
Comprehension – Make great observations on purpose!!! Find all the differences of the fixed layout and the flowable layout. Be Detailed about what works and what doesn’t for both formats. When should you use one or the other? See the designs as the designer as well as the viewer. Allow us to see what you have observed, include imagery or links to make evident your statement. Be Detailed!!!
Timeliness – Make sure that you get your posts in on time, both the initial post and the posts to your peers. Don’t lose credit when you don’t have to.
Engagement – Make sure that you thoroughly investigate your peer’s assessment of the examples that they chose. Provide them with feedback that they may not have thought of, from the eyes of the viewer.
Writing – Be clear and concise! Pay attention to spelling and grammar. It may be a good idea to write your posts in Microsoft Word or something equal to catch any mistakes. Sometimes it’s worth using a writing assistance to help guide you with proper grammar. The following website can help with such instruction.
Make sure to cite any information that you use that doesn’t belong to you. When citing your information you will want to use the MLA format. If you are not sure of how this format is used, I have included some links below for your help.

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