Describe project management Dilemma?

Please view the article below and tie the topics based on your readings (Goodpasture and Highsmith).
Article title: Multi-level agile project management challenges: A self-organizing team perspective
Afterwards, please answer the following questions:
1.Describe project management Dilemma?
2.Provide one example for each of the PM dilemma.
3.Provide a proposed or recommended solution(s)
The length of each paper must not exceed two (2) pages (Plus a cover sheet).
Each written assignment must be word processed, have a 11pt- 12pt font size, be double spaced and submitted on the scheduled due date.
All written reports must be submitted with a cover sheet (Please see the following template). Failure to include a cover sheet will result in an automatic reduction in points. The cover sheet must include the following information:
Student Name:
Course Name:
Course ID Number:
The Assignment Name:
The Date:

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