Examine the diversity of natural areas.

This week you will begin a project to examine the diversity of natural areas. You will develop a study that compares the diversity of at least 2 natural communities.
The place will be Quinta Mazatlan and Sal Del Rey
You will be expected to go to your study site or sites at least one or two times to gather data. Please take a picture of yourself as you conduct your research and while you are in the field. You will be required to have at least one picture of you in the field included in your final Presentation.
We will be more concern about your content than your format. The Proposal should address the following categories and will address questions regarding :
Introduction: Describe preliminary observation, question and hypothesis. You should reference your observations with peer-reviewed literature where appropriate. You should include at least three citations of peer-reviewed literature in the introduction of the lab report on this study.
Methods: Propose your methods here. Be concise and brief. This includes how you will gather data as well the methods or ways you will assess your hypothesis. Most of you will use the indicies and tests included in the species diversity handout and may or may not use true statistical analyses. The most important part of the proposed methods is that you have clearly defined communities and robust methods to sample those communities.
Expected Results: Based on what you have learned in class, suggest what you might expect to find once you conclude your study. Be sure to reference what you expect to find in your diversity indicies, graphs, and/or statistical tests if your hypothesis is correct or incorrect.
Remember the purpose of the proposal is so that we can help you produce a good study, so it is likely that most people will modify their study to some extent after you get our feedback. Do not start your project until you have received feedback from your instructor.

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