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Cyber Bullying in the Phones

    This essay has been submitted to us by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our writers.

    Cyber bullying has risen because social platforms are open to all and most often children are not aware of the problems that lie on the other side of the screen. Similarly, receiving sales calls or texts which are most often unwelcomed is frustrating and unruly. Calling someone by mistake is common when using a phone. This happens when people uses the phone in busy situations where there is a lot of distractions. A phone might be a good invention if it was only used for calling. Watching videos or looking at the phone for a long can damage your eyes as the screen is too small and the blue light from the phone can be very dangerous.
    If we go further into this problem we find that there are many more problems related with the usage of phones. One of the major problems seen in children as well as adults alike is that they have the tendency to chat, text or surf during late nights. This not only hinders sleep but also disturbs the sleeping pattern of the person. Again, they have no interest in living the moment. Instead they spend their time taking videos or photos and posting them on the social media. Over using of the phone also results in many health related problems such as brain cancer, vision problems and loss of hearing, weakened immune system, anxiety and many more. Furthermore, there is an increase in the number of people losing their lives as they talk while driving the car or crossing the road. This type of accidents could have been avoided if mobile phones were not invented.
    One of the weaknesses of mobile phones is that they rely on battery power. New models of mobile phones are more battery consuming and the overall life of a phone is only for three years. These types of devices cannot even be exposed to heat or water as they get damaged easily. Naturally, phones are useful for keeping information about yourself and other persons as well as for storing videos and photos but once the phone gets lost you can see yourself facing lots of problems. Nowadays, students use phones to cheat during tests. The consequences of such malpractices are very fatal and can affect the student’s future.

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