Analyze Victor’s quest for scientific glory and how this fold into Romantic ideals.

There are many themes in the novel Frankenstein that help further our understanding of Romantic literature. This text is exemplary of the entire literary movement which is why it was chosen (and it’s a ton of fun, lol). Romanticism focused on individual emotions, championed the power of the natural world, and celebrated the artist. We see all of these ideals play out across the plot and characters of the novel. Your task will be to choose one of the ways Shelley’s work is a fantastic representative for the Romantic movement. 

Choose one of the following prompts, or you can make up your own, but it must include how the text is representative of Romanticism’s ideals:
1. Analyze the themes of loneliness in the novel. Use multiple characters to help you in your discussion. Then be sure to relate how these themes of loneliness are demonstrative of Romantic ideals. 

2. Romantics thought of the power of nature as sublime and impressive beyond words. There are many passages in the book on the power of nature. Use some of these passages and Shelley’s portrayal to discuss how these influence the characters in the novel and, in turn, demonstrate Romantic ideals.
3. Analyze Victor’s quest for scientific glory and how this fold into Romantic ideals.
4. Analyze how the monster was brought into the world without any prior knowledge of humans or human existence. Yet, he teaches himself and the results are not necessarily the most successful, or perhaps the results are circumstantially obvious.
* Make sure to spend your introduction explaining the general pieces of the novel and the general ideas behind Romantic literature.
* Use enough body paragraphs to support a specific and concise thesis.
* Conclude by restating your main idea whatever they may be. Think of the discussions we’ve had in class and let your own opinions guide you to what you choose to write about.
* BE SURE to check our notes on Romanticism (they’re also located in week 5).
* Successful essays must have many quotes. Any time you suggest an idea back it up with a quote, and inversely use quotes to spring your ideas forth.
* 500-600 words, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font.
* submit to Canvas
* Clear, thought provoking thesis grounded in the novel.
* Ample amount of quoting. Think at least 3-4 powerful quotes from the novel.
* DO NOT use any outside sources other than the novel: Frankenstein. I will take off points if you use any other sources besides the novel.
* Correct use of MLA format for quotes and a works cited.
* How deep you explore your subject and develop the ideas you want to suggest with your thesis.
* Organization of thoughts
* Grammar, style, format.

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