You will write a 300 to 400-word discussion on the Choose my plate concept. I wa

You will write a 300 to 400-word discussion on the Choose my plate concept. I want you to refer back to the Food Guide Pyramid that debuted in 1992 and write on its differences from the current Choose my food plate. Research what each section means and what the requirements are for each section. Please do this for both the old Food Guide Pyramid and the new plate concepts. I want you to then write on things that are missing from the old Food Guide Pyramid from the new plate and why they choose to remove those parts. Next, you will research the dietary decline of children over the past 10 years and why you feel this decline is happening. for example, you can write on how bone development has declined with the increase of sodas. You can write on any topic you choose but please make sure it is backed by science and facts, not speculation and your opinion. You will need to reference your sources in APA 7. You do not need a cover page, abstract but you WILL need a reference list. Please look up the current APA 7 citations. Please be aware that YouTube and Wikipedia are not credible sources and should not be used. The discussion should be in 12 font, times new roman, and APA 7 format. You will respond to at least 1 peer in a minimum of 100 words. Please be aware that “I agree with your findings” and “I concur” are not appropriate responses. challenge your peer to see a different side or add to their argument. Be respectful! As college students, we must learn that our peers can be good, educated people and have different opinions. You must post your thread before you are allowed to view anyone else’s post.

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