You must use the template provided in the weekly resources to write a literature

You must use the template provided in the weekly resources to write a literature review based on the research you conducted in the previous assignment. You should use the Literature Synthesis Matrix template provided in the weekly resources to help you organize your resources and to identify your main ideas (subtopics) and research findings (key ideas).
The following items must be included in your literature review:
Abstract – The abstract should be limited to 250 words and should briefly summarize the entire paper, including the findings.
Introduction – The introduction should briefly describe your topic and should identify the purpose of the paper. (Why are you comparing all these resources?)
Literature Review – The literature review should describe the literature currently available about the research topic. Use a literature synthesis matrix to help you organize the content by subtopics. This section should contain the facts, not your opinions.
Discussion – The discussion should indicate what is known, what is not yet known, areas of general agreement, and areas of disagreement or conflicting evidence about the research topic. Use the annotations you created in the previous assignment to help you add this type of detail. For example, you may discover common ideas were not included in a particular article because the author doesn’t have the credentials to be an expert on the topic.
Conclusion – The conclusion should restate the purpose (from the introduction) and summarize your findings (from the discussion). Be sure to clearly indicate what you learned when you compared all the articles together.
References – The list of references analyzed and cited in the paper.
Length: 5-7 page academic paper following APA guidelines
References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources

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