Write a 2 paged reflective essay about the “Resistance to Foundations in the Fie

Write a 2 paged reflective essay about the “Resistance to Foundations in the Field” using the books/references attached. Basically, write a 2 paged reflective essay about the articles/book chapters attached.
The specific chapters/books to use:
BOOK ONE TO USE: Chapters 7 and 8
Reflective essays are supposed to reflect your ability to integrate several readings assigned on a given class date. The most important task in writing a reflective essay is reading the assigned materials. The idea of reflective essays is not to summarize your readings. On the contrary, reflective essays should include your response to the readings- your reaction to what you read. At the same time, reflective essays should demonstrate that you have read and understood the materials. You may choose to skip one of the assigned readings if it does not quite fit your argument, but generally, your essay should integrate most of your readings
General formatting requirements:
Title page
Number the pages
12-point font (Times New Roman)
1” margins
APA style
Use quotations if you are providing the information verbatim
No lists or outlining
No use of Wikipedia
Citations of all material used (including textbook)
Provide a reference list, including the textbook in alphabetical order

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