Who will perform the task?

Staffing and Volunteers
Before you can schedule staff, you need to have a good idea of what tasks need to be completed. Please share your detailed task list below, broken down into Set-Up, Event Execution and Tear Down periods. Include every task or job that must be performed by a person, including any activations you have incorporated into your proposal.
Next, let’s take a look at the different positions and the details of each, along with some of the staffing ratios included in Centennial Square’s S.O.P.’s (Standard Operating Procedures).
Prepare a spreadsheet with your staffing plan for the Event. Break your spreadsheet into Set-Up, Execution and Tear Down periods. Be sure to include the following information:
Time period during which the task will be performed
Who will perform the task
How many people are needed to perform the task (based on the standard ratios provided in final page of the slider above).
A few things you should keep in mind:
The event is scheduled for a Saturday evening, with the cocktail reception beginning at 6:00 pm and dinner scheduled for 7:00 pm.
Be sure to include staffing requirements not only for food & beverage-related service, but also for any activations and fundraising activities that you have included in your proposal.
Plan for 250 guests. Remember that Centennial Square standard seating is at round tables of 10 (unless you have included other sizes/shapes of tables in your design).
To determine the number of staff required for a task, use the Centennial Square staffing standards included at the end of the staff model slides above. For example, our standard operating procedure calls for one server for every 40 guests during a reception. So if we have 250 guests, we need 7 servers (250 / 7 = 6.25, then round up to 7).
Remember, all employees will fill more than one role throughout the evening. For example, the same servers who pass trays during the cocktail reception will serve the dinner.
Some tasks might be able to be performed by volunteers. In this case, indicate “Volunteer” as the person performing the task.
Volunteer Proposal
Your clients have asked for some help with their volunteers and while this is not something an Event Coordinator would normally assist with, it can be a great learning opportunity for you.
Volunteer graphic with raised hands
Based on your staffing plan, you should have an idea of how many volunteers we require for the event. At the hotel, there are a few rules we need to follow:
Our unionized environment means that no volunteer can perform work normally performed by a Centennial Square staff member. Therefore, volunteers cannot be used to perform any duties normally performed by a server, bartender or houseperson/porter.
Any task requiring training and experience (usually those performed by the staff members outlined in the bullet point above) should not be assigned to a volunteer.
Volunteers are not permitted to enter the Kitchen.
Volunteers cannot handle alcohol at any time.
If your staffing plan does not adhere to these rules, please go back and revise your staffing plan accordingly.
Your supervisor, Marisol, would like to present Marjorie and Thomas with our volunteer proposal and has ask you to prepare it.
Create a volunteer proposal for Marjorie and Thomas, in either a Word or Powerpoint format. Remember, this is going to a client who we really want to impress, so please ensure your proposal is presented professionally. Please include:
Decorative question mark
How many volunteers do you recommend?
What tasks will they perform?
How and when will they be trained, and by whom?
What should they wear and how will they be identified as volunteers?
What minimum skills/abilities should the volunteers possess?
How should Marjorie and Thomas locate and recruit the best, most qualified volunteers? Where should they look? (All volunteers must be at least 18 years old).
How will you “sell” this opportunity to the volunteers? What’s in it for them?
Please present the above information attractively and creatively and remember that your proposal is representing Centennial Square Hotel. Please submit it to Marisol using this assignment folder by the end of the week.
Once the writer accepts the assignment, I will send him the school website. There are specific requirements.
This assignment is divided into three parts. The first part will fill in three steps on the web page. Second, proceed to the next step according to the three steps filled in. The third step is to Volunteer Proposal.

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