What sorts of gender relationships/roles occur in the play?

What sorts of gender relationships/roles occur in the play and what do these relations reveal about Greek culture? Note that “gender relationships/roles” does not mean a discussion on the dominance of the patriarchy in ancient Greece. Instead, you should discuss roles and responsibilities that are restricted/specific to members of a specific gender in ancient Greek society. What specific responsibilities are expected of all men based on the evidence supplied by the play? What duties are expected of all women, based on the scenario/situations presented in the play?All papers for this course should…
Be double spaced
Include page numbers on the top right of each page
Have a title that is appropriate to your essay, centered and on a separate line
All of the topic options require you to consider the role the play fulfills in the ancient world. DO NOT mention how this myth affects the modern world. This is not the focus of the paper. You need to investigate why this play is important to the ANCIENT GREEK world.
This should not be written as an opinion paper. DO NOT use of the first- or second-person is not permitted (I, we, you, etc.). DO NOT write “this paper will…”. Justify your thesis and main points with examples and evidence (with appropriate citations).
Students must have BOTH parenthetical citations and a bibliography. This bibliography must have at least one additional source beyond the play (therefore, your bibliography will have at least two sources).
DO NOT use websites as sources.
PLEASE use scholarly articles ONLY

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