Week 2 Discussion: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition

Week 2 Discussion: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition

Week 2 Discussion: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition

To encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration through the use of evidence based practice (EBP) studies.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.

1. Examine the sources of knowledge that contribute to professional nursing practice.

2. Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies.

3. Identify ethical issues common to research involving human subjects.

4. Evaluate published nursing research for credibility and clinical significance related to evidence-based practice.

5. Recognize the role of research findings in evidence-based practice.


· Week #6, Submit in Unit 6, ATI SKILLS MODULE in CANVAS

· The Late Assignment Policy applies to this assignment.

· Paper Length (3-4 pages) excluding title and reference page



View and read any relevant resource material that could help you better understand the concept or solve the problem(s) given. You can review the module, this is not a priority for this assignment.

· Log into ATI, Select the “Learn” tab.


· Click on Skills Modules and title “Nutrition Feeding and Eating”

· Click on the “Lesson” tab

· Open the “Evidence Based Research” tab at the top of the page.

“Turnitin” Percentage

· Less than 25 percentage: Acceptable percentage.

· Turnitin Draft Submission Box

· Submit your draft of paper into Turnitin Draft Submission Box to check your percentage as many times as needed before you submit your final paper to designated Unit.

· If your Final paper has 25% or higher percentage, you must revise/modify your paper contents BEFORE the paper due date and time.

· If your Final paper has 25% or higher percentage AFTER you submit your final paper due date and time, Academic Integrity Violation Procedures will be initiated:

· Academic Integrity Violation letter will be sent to student

· Assignment Grade will be 0 point

· The violation case will be reviewed and a further sanction will be determined by Administrators.


There are five main topics and five associated topics related to each main topic.

· Select ONE main topic

· Search for your own ONE Primary Research study for selected main topic

· Review article to summarize the required information

TOPIC 1: Evaluating Nutritional Status

What methods can be used to assess nutritional status?

Example Studies:

· Formative evaluation of the feedback components of Children’s and Adolescent’s Nutrition Assessment and Advice on the Web (CANAA-W) among parents of schoolchildren.

TOPIC 2: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition

What methods can be used to identify those at risk for malnutrition?

Example Studies:

· Appropriate methods to guide nutrition care for aged care residents

TOPIC 3: Malnutrition associated with specific health conditions

What specific health conditions increase the risk of malnutrition?

Example Studies:

· Malnutrition in a sample of people with Parkinson’s disease.

· Risk of malnutrition is associated with mental health symptoms

TOPIC 4: Outcomes associated with nutritional status

What associations exist between nutritional status and health outcomes?

Example Studies:

· Role of nutritional status in predicting quality of life outcomes in cancer

· Impact of nutritional status and heart disease

TOPIC 5: Interventions to improve nutritional status

What type of interventions improve adherence to recommendations on nutritional intake?

Example Study:

· Interventions to enhance adherence to dietary advice for managing chronic diseases in adults.

· Strategies to improve nutritional regime for patients with Diabetes Mellitus

· Methods to improve adherence to dietary regime in pediatric patients with Cancer

Assignment Criteria




Pick one of the topics and answer the topic question along with providing a current research article, which supports this question. The paper must include the following headings (See rubric for criteria under each heading):

a. Introduction and Key Points (10 points)

b. Article Search (25 points)

c. Article Findings (25 points)

d. Evidence of Practice (25 points)

e. Sharing of Evidence (25 points)

f. Conclusion (20 points)

g. APA style (10 points)

h. Writing mechanics (10 points)


Week 2 Discussion: Identifying those at risk for malnutrition

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