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Watch this video ( and identify an “American Icon”

    Watch this video (

    and identify an “American Icon” that represent a public value. Specify what the “American Icon” and the public value of your choice are.
    Explain your understanding of what a public value is based on the YouTube video. (10 points)
    You should choose a public value that you believe is important or, sarcastically, ignored by the current society. Explain why it is important for a group of people, a professional field, OR our society (just choose one perspective). (20 points)
    Insert a good-quality image of the “American Icon” of your choice at the beginning of your Word file. The “American Icon” can be anything, such as Mickey Mouse, the Statue of Liberty, etc. (10 points) Please be creative and critical to explain how the “American Icon” of your choice symbolizes the public value. (10 points)
    Requirements (10 points):
    Your essay should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman with standard one-inch margins. The essay should have 500 – 800 words (word count does not include references). It should be saved as a .doc or .docx file and uploaded to Canvas.
    Turnitin (an anti-plagiarism function) is enabled so do not plagiarize. Instead, cite the textbook and other references when you are using someone else’s arguments.
    At least cite 1 (one) source to support your argument. The source does not have to be a paper in this course. Please do NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, online encyclopedia, etc.
    Your citations should follow the American Psychology Association (APA) style (7th edition) in the author-date format with a separate reference section located at the end of your essay. A citation guide has been provided in the syllabus (page 2 blue link).
    A late essay will be accepted for up to 3 calendar days after its original due date. A penalty of 5 points will be deducted from your total score for each day after the assignment is due within a 3-calendar-day-window. No late submission will be accepted after then.

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