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Types and Definition of Censorship

    This essay has been submitted to us by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our writers.

    According to Charles Bukowski “Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others. Their fear is only their inability to face, what is real? And I cannot vent any anger against them; I only feel this appalling sadness.”
    Censorship in actual means, the act of removing objects (parts) from the TV Plays, Letters, News, Movies and Music that may seem inappropriate or violating and is not acceptable in the society.
    Censorship Could be in many fields based on what the society wants. It could be self-censorship, Music Censorship, or Internet Censorship. Self-Censorship mostly includes film producers, directors, actors, art workers, and More of the Journalists, who censor themselves due to threats or interests of the other party. The art worker may remove the stuff that looks controversial or threatening to the public affairs. Not only be public effected so what privates, officials, as-well as the children. The officials should censor themselves before coming to any kind of TV show or in a conference. They feel fear, if they don’t censor themselves before coming in front of the public. If we talk about the parents, they also need to censor themselves in order to present positive attitude towards their kids. They need to understand that kids adopt things from elders. Parents must check on their children and their activities, specially when they are using social media. They might some bad contents or advertisement over the internet that could censored by the authority.
    Moving on internet censorship, the officials need to censor the browsing so, the kids do not get to see vulgar things should, and they should protect such kind of data which can destroy their innocence in the early ages. There are some vulgar sites that can cause several problems. For example, Pornography, articles against cultures, and religions that should be censored.
    However, it can be controlled by the government and parents. The government can remove such things which effects the image of public. The worst thing these days is social media which have full attention by the young generation. They see all kind of information, articles, and videos which are not censored and not authentic. Videos that spread violation and have offensive contents, and the advertisements which spreads negativity among them. The government should ban such kinds of videos that violates the freedom or rights.
    In addition to Internet censorship, Movie censorship was a problem in old times as compared to today. It regulates the permission of the movie, video to cinema. It is official team that approves the dialogues and picturizing before launching the movie. They see the contents that may be offense for the public’s freedom or may have bad effect over the children or on the general public. They censor those clips that may seem offensive or against the culture, religion. They also censor the sexual, and crime contents which can be harmful for the society.
    Movies are subjected to undergo censor board because some movies have contents that spreads hatred, negativity, and sexuality, which can be a problem for the society. Movies which don’t undergo censor board, should be banned because they might have things that conveys wrong image of the country or for the foreign culture. It can convey threat to all over in the society which is worthless and have no mean.
    Therefore, Movies should go through censor board before its release so, the officials are aware of things which are going to screened before the general public and kids. Movies should be censored because they might have shots which are not for kids. For example, in some scenes they use abusive language which is not good for the kids and general public so, they should be censored.
    Censorship has become more objectional because everyone has a fear, if they are less censored. Censor board is working with high profession to ensure the public and national safety. It also ensures that the kids are not engaged in seeing offensive and vulgar stuff over the internet. The officials should have their eyes around the browsers and try to keep everything safe and sound.
    It is bad in overall. It has negatives postures on the general public as well as officials. All the journalists have threats while sharing the news on TV because they do not censor them and use the language that may be objectionable by the public or from the government. Parents have threat from their children, if they adopt the same words as his/her one of the parents used while talking. Movies should also be censored before screening and remove the objectionable parts or clips that violate the censor law.

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