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Assignment Task :
Answer the ONE question

Porter and Kramer (2006) state that effective CSR initiatives occur when shared value is created. CEMEX is considering the following CSR initiatives:

Partnering with the RSPB (Royal Society for Protection of Birds) in the UK to maintain 1,000 hectares of priority habitats

Expanding their local programs in the Philippines to bring seminars on health, nutrition and family planning to rural areas

Continuing development of “Vertua”, CEMEX’s Net-Zero CO2 concrete development. This new material reduces the carbon foot print of Concrete manufacture by 70%. CEMEX is looking to offset the remaining 30%.

Working with a consortium of global construction companies and other concrete manufacturers to create road construction techniques that required less concrete.

Providing financial support to the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City to acquire a work by Frida Kahlo – who is considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists.

Use Porter and Kramer’s CSV framework to critically consider which, if any, of these initiatives CEMEX should adopt. (Up to 1000 words)

Answer TWO questions selected from the four options
2. “A firm gains sustainable competitive advantage from the rare resources it owns”. Using examples from the CEMEX case study, critically discuss if this statement is correct. (Up to 1000 words)
3. Kim and Mauborgne (2005) challenge the idea that a successful strategy requires a trade-off choice between value and cost. Critically assess how their concept of Blue Ocean strategy enables firms to reject this claim. Use examples from the Netflix case study to illustrate your answer. (Up to 1000 words)
4. Critically evaluate Esquel’s corporate strategy using Campbell, Goold and Alexander’s (1995) parenting matrix. (Up to 1000 words)
5. Porter (1996, 2014) argues that sustainable competitive advantage results from a high order of fit in a firm’s activity system. Critically assess if the fit in Jet Blue’s activity system was a source of competitive advantage.

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