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Home » Title of research paper: A Comparative Industry Analysis of (Name of Company and

Title of research paper: A Comparative Industry Analysis of (Name of Company and

    Title of research paper: A Comparative Industry Analysis of (Name of Company and Industry)
    • Discuss project with faculty, employer, partner, or other significant person at work and obtain their cooperation with project; or if sole proprietor discusses with faculty. Their role will be to read and evaluate project progress. Implementation of findings is not required.
    • Introduction should summarize current understanding and background information about the topic, state the purpose of the work, briefly explain your rationale, and describe the remaining structure of the paper. The reader must know what to expect.
    • SWOT Analysis that considers both current and potential conditions. This two-step process will provide a perspective of any possible dynamic changes facing the organization. Discuss findings with faculty.
    • Describe firm’s assets (tangible and intangible). Competitive advantage is more likely to be based on intangible assets
    • Identify the firm’s core competencies (one or two) that are central to the firm’s competitive advantage.
    • Create a viable construct utilizing the PESTEL and Porter’s Five Forces framework that will harness the information gathered to provide management with a comprehensive view of the firm’s current state and its comparison within their industry. The conclusion should include suggestions for performance improvement and implementation methodology.
    Research Paper and Course Work
    • All work must be completed in 7th edition APA format, cover page, headings, in-text citations, and References page. Work must reflect the use of academic journals, textbooks, business databases, etc.
    o Research paper must conform strictly to APA 7th edition in structure and format.
    o Content must be relevant to the project guidelines and submitted in college level writing.
    • Analysis must be between 20-30 pages in length and show quality college-level research, writing, and analysis. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a zero grade for the course.
    • Student must submit a draft to professor via email after writing approximately ten pages to ensure they are on the right track.
    • Student must maintain contact with professor to discuss progress.

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