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This will be a discussion post discussing organizational change at my local univ

    This will be a discussion post discussing organizational change at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College). Kentucky Wesleyan College (KWC) serves the Owensboro community by preparing its students intellectually, spiritually, and physically to promote higher levels of success in life. Although enrollment remains steady, high transfer rates and low graduation numbers showcases a dire need in overall student engagement. Recently, a new VPAA was brought on to alleviate the recent decline in student retention by reducing the workload of current professors to allow for stronger student-teacher relationships. Other ongoing changes include updated online platforms to improve educational resources and the implementation of a retention committee to monitor at risk students. 
    For this particular assignment, using Fullan, M. (2016). The new meaning of educational change (5th ed.). Teachers College Press. Chapter 5, respond to the following topic:
    Organizational reform is the central framework for the improvement and sustainability of organizations. With this recognition, how do leaders and managers initiate, implement, and sustain a change process that leads to successful outcomes? History suggests that the answer to this question is very complex.
    As you review Fullan’s (2016) theory, the findings of Moffett (2000), and the model proposed by Hendrich (2003), describe the elements of effective organizational change that these articles have in common.  Apply these elements to your experience by describing and evaluating a successful or unsuccessful change initiative or implementation effort based on the change process (or elements of the change process).  How was the complexity inherent in the change initiative addressed?
    Include references from the literature, as appropriate, using APA citation.
    Discussions require a response to specific questions that results in collaborative conversations and construction of knowledge that builds and expands learning within the course. You must support your Discussion postings and responses with references, unless you are asked to provide personal opinion or personal reflection for a specific question. Unless noted otherwise, your initial discussion postings should be approximately 250 words in length, substantive and scholarly in nature. I have attached the powerpoint for this section to elaborate on the assignment expectations, as well as previous discussions and other recommended resources. . Make sure to research Kentucky Wesleyan College to understand what the current work environment entails (

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