Theories and Concepts in Leadership and Management Week 2

Theories and Concepts in Leadership and Management Week 2

Theories and Concepts in Leadership and Management Week 2

Essential Questions

· What qualities should a good leader have?

· Who are leaders in health care?

· What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

· What types of leadership styles are observed in the workplace?


Nurse leaders are at the forefront of health care and set the standards for nursing practice in terms of delivering safe and efficient patient care. This chapter will review the need for both nursing leadership and nursing management and examine a broad range of theoretical viewpoints and concepts associated with each. Applying the skills necessary for leading and managing staff will be discussed. The process of becoming an effective leader-manager includes developing personal leadership and management preferences, styles, and characteristics. The integration of both leadership and management skills is vital to the long-term success of all health care organizations.

Leadership in Health Care 

The Health Care System


Nurses have been challenged over time to adapt to the ever-changing health care system. Because of recent events, such as health care reform, decreased government funding, and a growing number of patients to serve, the need for quality patient care that is safe and effective has never been greater. Strong nurse leaders and managers are needed to meet challenges today, throughout the next decade, and beyond. As the nation continues to adjust to health care changes under the Affordable Care Act, nurse leaders must advocate for their patients and influence change in the health care system (Fackler, Chambers, & Bourbonniere, 2015).

The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) has identified the knowledge, skills, and abilities that nurse leaders will need to guide their practice within the health care system today and in the future. Collectively, these competencies include professionalism, communication, relationship management, knowledge of the health care environment, and business skills and principles (American Organization of Nurse Executives [AONE], 2015). Furthermore, AONE outlines knowledge and skills required to meet each competency effectively (see Table 1.1).

Figure 1.1 

Nursing Leadership Competencies

Note. Adapted from AONE Nurse Executive Competencies, by the American Organization of Nurse Executives, 2015, p. 3.

Table 1.1 

Leadership Competencies Identified by American Organization of Nurse Executives

Communication and Relationship Management Professionalism Knowledge of Health Care Environment Business Skills and Principles
Effective Communication Personal and Professional Accountability Clinical Practice Knowledge Financial Management
Relationship Management Career Planning Delivery Models – Work Design Human Resource Management
Influencing Behaviors Ethics Health Care Economics and Policy Strategic Management
Diversity Advocacy Governance Information Management and Technology

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