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The Medal of Honor

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    What is it Medal of Honor
    It is the highest medal/award that a person in the military can earn. A person earns this by risking their life and doing more than just their job to protect/help people
    What is the Significance

    The Original Design
    A star that has 5 points on it and is turned upside down
    A mixture of Oak Clusters and Laurel Leaves Clusters were put on all 5 points
    The meaning is strength and victory

    Medal of Honor – Army

    1861 is when this was first given out and it was actually earned by marines and sailors
    1862 is when soldiers in the army started to earn it
    3,400 people have earned it since then including people in the coast guard
    Is only given to people who are braver than everyone else but the act of bravery that the person has committed, has to be recorded/documented in order for it to count.

    Medal of Honor – Air Force

    People in the Army Air Corps and Army Air Forces were put down as Army
    This was done for the people before 1948
    The most up to date one is from the year 1965

    People have been awarded this in the Army

    Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins
    Lt. Col. Charles Kettles
    Sgt. Henry Johnson
    Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith
    Staff Sgt. Ty Michael Carter

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