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The history of Psychology in America is tied to the development of the universit

    The history of Psychology in America is tied to the development of the university system and Wundt’s Lab for the scientific study of psychology in Leipzig Germany. Many of the psychologists who started psychology departments at college and universities trained with Wundt in Germany. Tichener, a student of Wundt, started the Psychology department at Cornell University and Tichener’s student taught my mom’s intro to psych course! We also employed a LOT of German psychologists following world war II as America scavenged the colleges and universities of Europe to staff our own institutions..
    Because America’s psychological history is so tied to middle aged white Germanic males like Freud, Skinner, Tichener, James, Maslow… you may not see yourself represented in the readings or textbook pictures and examples. We are about to change that!!!
    For this assignment:
    1. Research Use the internet to find someone who represents YOU in psychological history. Find Black, Native/First Nation, Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Asian, Trans, BIPOC famous people in psychological history. If you are a white male with only Caucasian ancestry then choose someone that represents you AND who was a pioneer in something that describes/defines you. Military psychology? Second born? Broken household? Procrastinator? Motivated? Recovering? Married? Single person psychology? First generation learner? You can choose to highlight a different kind of person from yourself as well.
    For example: I am 48% Caucasian, 52% black and brown, but I appear white. I am female. I grew up on sustenance farm in New York and lived and taught on the border of Mexico for 15 years. I am the second born. My Parents were divorced. Can I find a famous female psychologist (preferably of color) who studied birth order? Border studies? Low socioeconomic status related to success of some kind? Daughters of Divorce? Sri Lankan? From Sierra Leone? Japanese? First I will search the web to find female psychologists of color (contemporary or historical) and then I will choose one of them to tell the class about.
    2. Create a PowerPoint presentation or Prezi about your chosen psychologist. Tell us about their family background, studies and important work. Include pictures if available, then
    3. Create a reference page of selected works of theirs. I will be using these reference pages. You can link to live documents online and also include books that they have written or are mentioned in. Please do not just copy and paste from internet sources such as Wikipedia or Simply Psychology without also recording other references. Make a list of their publications and or book titles. 4. Tell us why you picked this person and in what way they represent you or your experiences.

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