The data depend on 4 points and I focus on around 18 states in US I collect some

The data depend on 4 points and I focus on around 18 states in US I collect some data from those states I write it below the 4 points are :
1. Facing reflective cracking.
2. Quantification reflective cracking.
3. Time period for the appearance.
4. Prevent and treat reflective cracking.
1. All the states I mention are facing reflective cracking in asphalt overlay on top of the concrete pavements.
2. All the states definition of crack width and length.
3. Time period for the appearance of reflective cracking each state have there own period of time as below :
 Alabama / Main / Vermont depends on thickness not on time.
 Arizona / Kansas / Nevada / Oklahoma / Pennsylvania 3-5 years.
 California / Maryland / Indiana 5-20 years.
 Louisiana / Minnesota / New Mexico / South Carolina / West Virginia 1 inch per 1 year not by time.
 Nebraska 1-2 year.
4. Prevent and treat each state use different treat as below :
 Alabama / Indiana / Maryland / Maine / Nebraska / Nevada / New Mexico / Pennsylvania / South Carolina / Vermont => used crack sealing to treat reflective cracking.
 Arizona used SAMI.
 California used Rubberized / SAMI / mill and fill.
 Florida used Rubberized.
 Kansas used RCI.
 Louisiana saw and seal.
 Oklahoma Hot pour crack sealing.
 West Virginia SAMI, rubblization and crack sealing.
I need around 4 pages so you should start on each state from the state above focus on the 4 points above for each one from those state and then compare between them and after that recommend the best state how it deal with reflective cracking depend on quality and cost that will be the conclusion with references at the end.

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