Story of Courage During the Fighting

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Throughout the story, the Union, the manhunters, and Lincoln’s assassins all persevered and showed bravery through the entire manhunt. Booth and Herold, throughout the entire story never gave up on their plan to escape into the deep south, that was until they were cornered in the Garrett farm.
There Booth kept persevering until it got him killed, but Herold just gave up when they started to burn the barn. Booth, Herold, and all of the assassins, also showed bravery and courage when they went to kill their targets.
All except for Atzerodt and Herold. Atzerodt just acted like a coward for the entire manhunt. Herold however, showed bravery by continuing on with Booth, even though they were sure to get caught multiple times. Herold was brave for what he did, except when he surrendered at the Garrett farm and when he abandoned Lewis Powell instead of waiting for him to finish the job.
Powell showed courage when he was fighting Sergeant Robinson and Augustus Seward at the Seward house. Powell kept fighting and only retreated when he thought his target was killed, and his obstacles neutralized. Powell showed cowardice only when he surrendered at the Surratt house.
The Manhunters and the Union also persevered to catch the assassins even though they had lots of false leads they could have followed but chose to follow leads that seemed to be connected to Booth. They also persevered when the assassinations took place. The doctors, surgeons, and soldiers worked on trying to save the life of Seward and Lincoln.
Although they knew Lincoln was going to die, they worked to prolong his life so he could die with dignity in a bed. The doctors also worked to help and heal the victims of the Seward attack, such as Frederick Seward and Sergeant Robinson.
The Union manhunters also showed courage, when they were trying to negotiate with Booth on the Garrett farm. Soldiers like Boston Corbett showed bravery and courage when facing off against an enraged Booth trapped inside a burning building wielding two guns. Down to the final shot Corbett took when he fired his revolver, ending the manhunt and Booth’s life. All throughout the manhunt, both the Hunters and the assassins displayed courage and perseverance.

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