State one of the basic designs mentioned in Chapter 8 (descriiptive, correlation

State one of the basic designs mentioned in Chapter 8 (descriiptive, correlational, predictive correlational, experimental, or quasi-experimental) and describe a possible study that could be done using that design.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of that design? Be sure to cite the source of your information.
Only one source needed itation: Grove, S., & Gray, J.(2019). Understanding nursing research (7th ed). Elsevier. chapter 8. Post your initial response by 2359 Wednesday of Module 2 and post your replies by 2359 Saturday of Module 2. Late posts do not get any credit. Posts must be substantive and reflect thought and effort in the discussion. If you see your peer got something wrong, point it out to them. It is better to let them know now, because in a future assignment they will have to identify this type of information for a grade. Always remember to cite and reference your resources appropriately using APA format. You should be using in-text citations in your initial response. Use in-text citations as needed in your replies.
only 200

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