Scenario Your nurse executive wants the staff nurses to gain a better understand

Your nurse executive wants the staff nurses to gain a better understanding of the types of nursing associations and the political advocacy they support. Each nurse manager has been asked to select a professional nursing association and political advocacy they support to research. You will need to research political advocacy from a professional nursing association of your choice and share your findings in a presentation to your staff.
Part One – Selection of Political Advocacy
Visit a professional nursing association website to:
Locate the political advocacy statements.
Review the political advocacy statements posted,
Note the issues being discussed and whether they apply to all nurses or to a nursing specialty issue.
Select one political advocacy statement for the presentation.
Part Two – Presentation on Political Advocacy
Prepare a presentation and make a recording of your presentation that:
Identifies the professional nursing association and its constituents.
Examines the key elements of the political advocacy selected.
Summarizes concrete steps to advocate for this political advocacy as individual citizens and community partners.
Illustrates how your peers can support this political advocacy as future nursing professionals.
Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar in the presentation.
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