Review the information in “DBA-839 Integrated Case Study.” This includes narrati

Review the information in “DBA-839 Integrated Case Study.” This includes narrative information as well as financial and supporting documentation.
Consider the question presented in the case study, and formulate decisions based on the information and documentation in the case study. Support your decisions with appropriate current (within the last three years) or foundational, peer reviewed, and professional research including the instructor feedback from your Topic 2 assignment.
Write a paper (2,000-2,500 words) that addresses the case opportunities, expresses your decisions regarding the case, and integrates instructor feedback from your Topic 2 assignment. Use the item names below to create a separate topic heading for your response to each of the following as this will help you draft a concise and targeted response. In your paper, include the following:
Case Summary: Summarize the current environment as presented in the case. (Note: Information from the case study does not require a reference note or in-text citation.)
Potential Strategic Actions: Describe at least two viable strategic actions that address data analytics opportunities inferred from the case and the supporting research and theories you presented in your Topic 2 assignment. Integrate specific feedback from the instructor regarding the proposed resolutions.
Modeling: Describe which method of data or analytic modeling is best suited to determine the viability of implementing each potential strategic action you identified. Justify your recommendations citing appropriate literature. (Benchmarks C5.3: Evaluate methods of data and analytic modeling.)
Software: Describe what software you are recommending and how you could use it to implement each of the models that you identified above. Justify your recommendations citing appropriate literature. (Benchmarks C5.2: Apply analytic techniques and software to interpret data.)
Ethics: Discuss the ethical implications of each potential strategic action. Provide appropriate support from relevant literature.
Recommendation: In review of the two potential actions you described above, provide your recommendation for which one to implement. Justify your recommendation citing appropriate literature and data analysis for the chosen recommendation. (Benchmarks C5.4: Apply analytics to support data-driven business decision making.)
Long-Term: Describe how the recommended solution influences the long-term organizational health of Purple Cloud. Include a projected profit/loss (P/L) statement for at least 3 years that supports your descriiption. (Benchmarks C5.5: Manage the business complexities of enterprise data analytics.)
Future Research: Discuss future research that you could conduct relative to the data analytics opportunities you described.
Conclusion: Provide a compelling conclusion that succinctly summarizes the paper.

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