Review the information from both chapters assigned for this week (Chapters 6 & 7

Review the information from both chapters assigned for this week (Chapters 6 & 7). Review specifically, the Application Exercise at the end of Chapter 7. 1. Write a Script:
Use information included in sections: ‘Discipline’ and ‘Counseling for Performance Improvement’ from Chapter 7. Outline the conversation the boss should have with Kamil. Write a scriipt that you would use as Kamil’s boss. 2. Role Play:
Role play with a coworker, family member…. or friend. You are the boss, and your coworker, family member, or friend should act as Kamil. Ask your participant to play the role of ‘Kamil’ any way they wish (defiant, angry, open to coaching, remorseful, etc.). Follow the scriipt you wrote. Take your time through this role play and pay attention to how you feel based on Kamil’s reaction to the conversation. In your documentation of this experience, include the following: Your scriipt.
‘Kamil’s’ reaction.
How you felt during the conversation.
How well you were able to follow your scriipt.
The final outcome of the conversation.
Your reflection on the exercise. 3. Identify the following:
The steps that both Kamil and his boss should have taken at the time of Kamil’s promotion, so that a situation of discipline and/or counseling would not have been necessary.
Assignment Requirements:
Due by day 7 (Monday).
APA format is not required but include a title page.
5-6 page, double-spaced paper.
12-point font, Times New Roman.

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