The Research Paper Assignment is the key assignment for TOUR 601. This paper is an opportunity for you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of current issues and research related to travel and tourism, and to make practical applications of research. This is a two-part assignment, with a current APA-formatted outline submitted in module 3 and a final draft, including at least 8 peer-reviewed sources, submitted in module 7.
There are several steps to completing this assignment successfully:
1. Develop your topic with the input of the professor; the topic will be based upon information covered in the class. Potential topics for the research paper include, but are not limited to the following:
• A specific tourism industry segment (e.g. sport tourism, ecotourism, resorts, conventions, heritage tourism, etc.)
• Sustainability and tourism
• Resident perceptions of tourism
• Impacts of tourism (economic, environmental or social)
• Tourism research methods
• Tourism and technology
• Hospitality, culinary, or transportation issues
• Tourism and policy
• Destination Management Organizations
• Other topics appropriate to this class.
2. Outline: Now that you have a topic selected, create an outline and include your key sources. The outline must generally follow the format indicated below. Each major section of the paper should be represented in the outline. You should include the title page, abstract, and reference list as items in the outline, but do not actually do those items until you finish writing the paper. The supporting ideas and subsections of your paper should be listed appropriately following the example below, though each paper will have unique elements. Brief explanations (1–3 sentences) should be used to describe your supporting ideas in order to demonstrate how the parts of the paper fit together. You also should indicate in the outline where your key sources will be utilized. This is best done by citing the source in current APA style for in-text citations (e.g., Walker & Walker, 2011). The outline should be 1–2 pages.
I. Title Page
II. Abstract
III. Introduction/Thesis
IV. Supporting Idea
A. First level headings
1. Second level headings or supporting ideas. This does not necessarily need to have a heading.
a) Additional levels, if necessary
V. Second Supporting Idea
A. …
1. …
a) …
VI. Conclusion, etc.
A. …
1. …
a) …
VII. References
VIII. Appendices, if applicable
3. Annotated Bibliography: After your outline, list and describe all of your key peer-reviewed sources. Each source should first be cited using current APA style. After the citation, a brief summarization and justification for including that source should be provided (this should be no less than 150 words). For research articles, you should discuss the key findings and practical applications of the research. One to two paragraphs for each source are expected.
The Research Paper: Outline and Bibliography will be submitted as a single Microsoft Word document.

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