Reply Post Find a peer who chose at least one different “additional factor” (fr

Reply Post Find a peer who chose at least one different “additional factor” (from the article) than you did.
First, discuss the concerns you had regarding the specific factor your peer identified (that was different than your factors) which ultimately led to your decision not to include that factor on your own “top 2 list”?
Second, look at the additional question provided by that peer. Discuss how their question was similar or different to your additional question in terms of its focus and purpose.
Haley Hansen:
Two additional factors I would be most interested in asking a couple going through this type situation would be to talk to each separately and get both sides of their past stories. Such as has there been aggression shown by either party in the past and who is more apt to act on their anger and turn it into violence. As well as, if they had issues before or after children were involved in their lives if they do have children.
How asking each party “What was the argument about?” could help with my investigation would be to see if it is a reoccurring fight over the same issue or if it seems to be something of a small fight that can set one or both parties off in the scenario. Understanding the underlying reason for a fight is the bases of learning why the fight occurs. If it is the same issue it can potentially be worked out, but if it is a small fight or occurrence that can set one off then it may be time for the two to part ways.
One additional question I would ask the couple would be “How can we get to the bottom of their issue?” What needs to take place for them to not have anymore physical altercations or even harsh verbal confrontations. Something needs to be done since they have us officers involved and we will try to find the solution so that they can both lead happy lives. Whether they stay together or are better off being separated.

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