Reflection on Employment

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What Type Of Organisation Would Most Engage and Motivate You?
The organisation that would most engage and motivate me is the human relation school. The human relation school ‘focuses on the paternalistic style of management, emphasises workers social needs as the key to harmonious relation and better performance, albeit narrowly conceived’ (Bratton et al P85, 2010). With the human relation school, individuals are recognised as social beings, they are valued and are intrinsically motivated. This type of organisation would be the most engaging and motivating for me as I am able to be myself, work as part of a group knowing that I am valued. Not only will this motivate me to work hard, but it will also build my confidence and help me to develop myself professional, which in turn will help me to meet my self – actualisation needs.
Why Would I Be More Productive In This Type Of Organisation?
Self-actualisation according to Maslow is at the top of the hierarchy and is where individuals meet their full potential. However, before this can happen other lower-level needs at the bottom of the hierarchy has to be met, for example physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. I would be productive in this type of organisation because it values me as a worker, take into consideration my psychological, emotional and physical needs, I have the opportunity to grow and develop myself professionally, it has flexible structures and I would be able to be as creative as I can possibly be as opposed to the scientific management organisation that is more mechanistic where individuals are not valued and are seen as mere ‘cogs in machine’
Organisation That I Would Be Less Engaged And Productive
I would be less engaged in a technical organisation built on scientific management principles. Scientific management or Taylorism look at the ‘one best way’ of doing a job. (Clegg et al 2011). In this organisation, I will feel less productive because there’s no autonomy, jobs are designed to your specification and leaving little or no room for you to be creative. Although, I would be working as part of a team, the pace of work and the fact that I am not recognised as an individual with feelings and emotions. I would find it very difficult to work like this as I would be extrinsically motivated and only going to work just to get paid. Because my needs are not being satisfied.

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