Refer back to your intro and thesis and explain what your thesis was and how you proved it using the film.

Please watch Win It All on Netflix. The theory for Win It all is Rational Choice Theory then please follow this outline:
Format of the Paper
Your paper should have 4 parts:
1. introduction to the topic (i.e. the theory) with a thesis
Thesis ideas:
Shaw and McKay’s (1942) Social Disorganization Theory can be explained analyzing neighborhood characteristics shown in the Hollywood film Boyz n the Hood (1991).
The role of social environment as a cause for criminal involvement has been addressed by Shaw and McKay’s (1942) Social Disorganization Theory and is perfectly illustrated by the film Taxi Driver (1976).
2. Detailed explanation of the theory
This should include any variations in and history of the theory,
e.g. in the case of social disorganization, you would want to talk about Chicago School, and how Shaw and McKay developed social disorganization theory from the original ecological model by Park and Burgess,
as well as any issues with the theory and how modern variations on the theory might have addressed these issues.
You must read the assigned readings (i.e. assigned the same week as the textbook chapter) that correspond to the theory you choose, and cite them on your reference page (see 5.a.)
3. Application of the theory to the film
You do not need to provide a detailed summary of the film’s storyline except for instances where you are explaining the theory in terms of the film. A short synopsis of the film at the beginning of this section is enough to show why this film was chosen in relationship with the theory. Then focus on the parts of the film that specifically relate to the theory, i.e. you can describe specific scenes here that match Shaw and McKay’s descriiptions of socially disorganized neighborhoods.
Your focus should always be to analyze and not summarize the film!
4. Conclusion
Refer back to your intro and thesis and explain what your thesis was and how you proved it using the film.
5. References
All sources used (including your textbook, the corresponding readings and the film you chose) must be listed here in APA format. Points will be deducted if you do not follow APA guidelines.
The goal of this assignment is to make theory less dry and abstract. this is NOT an opinion essay, I am NOT looking for an analysis of the relevance, likeability, relatability, etc. of the movie you are assigned. You are simply supposed to show me that you understood the theory you were assigned and can apply it appropriately.

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