Questions Hufbrauer, G. “The Payoff from Globalization” (

Hufbrauer, G. “The Payoff from Globalization” (
1. Is trade a zero sum game, i.e. are there any losers to increased liberalization? Why or why not?
Wolak, “Our Comparative Advantage” (
1. Why do we see more innovation and development in the U.S? Why might this lead to an undesired outcome?
Dizikes, “Economists find evidence for famous hypothesis of ‘comparative advantage’” (
1. Why is it difficult to prove comparative advantage?
2. Are there ways to “find” comparative advantage? (You may need to be a bit creative here).
Prestowitz, “The Losses of Trade”
1. Why are the costs more substantial than what is normally assumed under conventional trade theory? (Be sure to have a look at what Prestowitz states).

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