Now that you’ve selected a company, it’s time to focus on that company’s industr

Now that you’ve selected a company, it’s time to focus on that company’s industry perspective and business descriiption. For your particular company, identify the following:
Industry Perspective
Market overview (size of industry, usually in dollars)
Market trends (five year time line of industry sales/revenue)
Competitive environment (relative size of each participant in the industry
Business Descriiption
The competitive advantage the company is currently pursuing (cost leader, differentiation, speed, focus, or combination)
Products/services offered
Level of technology organization is employing (state-of-the-art, fast follower)
Market organization is serving (demographics, income, age)
Distribution of products/services
If manufacturer, the procedure(s) and location(s) of manufacturing products
If service provider, location of conducting business
For this course and final project you should only use primary and secondary sources. Primary sources in the context of this course are scholarly articles that study a specific discipline or area of business or information, reports, memorada, etc. from the company you select to complete your project. In addition, there’s a wealth of information available from Maryville Library Databases such as Morningstar, NexisAcademic, and Statista. Secondary sources could be periodical articles from industry publication such as Forbes, AdWeek, IB Times, etc. Below is a short video from our friends at University of Massachusetts–Boston, that outlines what is a scholarly article and other types of sources, followed by an APA Style and Citation guide to help you format your paper.

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