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NAME ______________________________________________________ Watch CNBC original

    NAME ______________________________________________________
    Watch CNBC originals Death- It’s a living. Use
    Answer the below questions. USE THE DATA FROM THE VIDEO.
    1. Pull from the data in the video, Fill in the table on the are the dominant economic characteristics of the FUNERAL HOME INDUSTRY. I am looking for numbers and data. (5 pts)
    Industry Characteristic Data
    Industry Size
    Industry Growth rate – how are you measuring it?
    What might be a proxy for demand in the industry?
    2 List the industry segments (target markets), which segment is growing? Are there any markets which are growing? (3 pts)
    3. Explain the landscape of firms which participate in the industry. Think of the supply chain and distribution chain within the industry. (4 pts)
    4 From the video and your general knowledge: (8 pts)
    a. Explain the macro environmental factors (use a table if you like)
    5. Using the arguments of the Five Forces model and describe the forces for this industry. Use the information from the video case and your general knowledge. (make sure you read Porter’s 5 Forces). (10 points)
    6. Is the industry attractive and do you think the operating margins are increasing? Explain (4 pts)
    7. Identify 3 dimensions you would use on strategic group map for this industry and explain why these dimensions are important for firms in the funeral home industry (6 pts)
    8. What do you perceive as the major issues in managing a firm in the Death Industry? What recommendations would you make to a funeral home in the industry based on your above analysis? (10 points)

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