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Many job seekers create a resume thinking it is appropriate to send for multiple

    Many job seekers create a resume thinking it is appropriate to send for multiple job applications. But, in today’s highly competitive job market, you want to be sure your resume provides the most relevant information for the job described. That means adapting your experience for specific job descriiptions. The competition for jobs also means you don’t want your resume to stand out due to basic grammar and spelling errors.
    In this week’s Assignment, you will practice either generating a new resume or adapting your current resume to fit a particular job descriiption.
    To prepare for this Assignment:
    Review the examples of resumes from Chapter 7 of your textbook (pages 258, 259 and 262). What characteristics of these documents make them professional resume examples? What characteristics demonstrate the differences between these resumes?
    Review the two unprofessional examples of resumes in your Learning Resources. What characteristics make them unprofessional resume examples?
    Reflect on the differences between a resume you would hand deliver or mail or submit online.
    Consider the types of employment that you currently have or would like to have in the future. Think about what a potential employer is looking for in a resume. What kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities do you possess that you could highlight in your resume to meet the goals or job descriiption for that kind of employment?
    Identify what you should exclude from a resume.
    By Day 7
    Find a job advertisement that you are interested in (look in newspapers, online, in magazines, etc.). Copy the job descriiption into an electronic document. If you cannot copy the job descriiption, then write a 1- to 4-sentence descriiption of the job advertisement. Then do the following:
    Create a resume for the job descriiption you have identified.
    Adjust and tailor your current resume to reflect the requirements of the job descriiption you have chosen. If you choose this option, be sure to include 1–2 paragraphs about the skills learned and applied to adjust your former resume.
    A little about me: I’m 39 year old male registered nurse working at the psych department. I’m working on my MSN specializing on Psych.

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