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Main Post Paragraph 1: Evaluate an argumentative point Choose a reading from the

    Main Post Paragraph 1: Evaluate an argumentative point
    Choose a reading from the assigned pages in your textbook and note how the author addresses an argumentative point in the body of the article (in other words, not in the introduction paragraph(s) nor in the conclusion paragraph(s). Work to find a body point that demonstrates a range of strategies like logic, refutation, and author’s voice.
    Then, please take the time to read and re-read the entire piece and your chosen section a few times, jotting down notes to help you, before composing a paragraph that addresses all of the following:
    • In what ways do you see the author’s voice being used? How does the author’s own voice (not the sources’ voices) drive and frame the argument?
    • What does the author use for support for the point? (for example, logic created by the author, sources, a combination?) Is this effective, in your view? Why or why not?
    • Does the author use any logical fallacies? If so, name them and explain why they are fallacies. If not, explain why the author’s logic is solid.
    • Does the form of this reading match the form of the writing we are learning: full essay paragraphs? If so, explain why and how. If not, explain why you think this particular piece of reading does not use academic essay format and what you might do to revise it. In other words, if there are many short paragraphs, could you put some together to form single paragraphs that are still driven by the author’s voice?
    Main Post Paragraph 2: Practice Using Your Voice in a Full Body Paragraph Toward Your Essay
    Referring back to the lesson, please compose and present a single, well-developed draft of one body paragraph for our argument research essay, paying special attention to making your voice the driving force and to using solid logic. Remember the parts of a good body paragraph for an argument essay:
    • Composing a smooth, clear topic sentence in your voice that provides a transition and that asserts your topic for the paragraph
    • Using your voice to introduce and present your evidence that supports your topic sentence
    • Using logic in your voice to tie the evidence to your argumentative point
    • Avoiding logical fallacies
    • Using concession and rebuttal if you are presenting opposing viewpoints
    • Ending strongly with your voice in an extended explanation of how all factors involved in this paragraph drive home your argument in this particular point
    • Making sure to synthesize throughout, with clear connections between all evidence and all of your logic and assertions

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